I'll See You In My Dreams

I’ll See You In My Dreams had its world premiere on January 27th, 2015, at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, and it was released on May 15th, 2015. The official theatrical trailer was released a month earlier on April 7th. The director as well as some of the cast members were there for the screenings at Park City. After the screenings they answered questions on stage. The American romantic comedy- drama was written by Marc Basch and Brett Haley, directed by Brett Haley, and produced by Brett Haley, Laura D., and Rebecca Green. It is one hour and twenty-five minutes long and it is rated PG-13.

The cast consists of Blythe Danner as Carol Petersen, Martin Starr as Lloyd, Mary Kay Place as Rona, June Elliott as Bill, Rhea Perlman as Sally, Malin Akerman as Katherine Petersen, and June Squibb as Georgina.
I'll See You In My Dreams MovieI’ll See You In My Dreams focuses on Carol Petersen, a widow whose life has become sadly routine and lonely. Her life changes, however, when she becomes involved with two men who are quite different from one another. Carol lives in Southern California, alone except for her dog Hazel. The movie sets the stage with the end of Hazel’s life, as the dog is sickly, and naturally Carol is devastated and heartbroken by the loss. Throughout the movie the audience gradually learns about the kind of woman Carol was and the life she lead in her earlier years. She was once a lively singer performing in New York City with a band. Carol gave up her life of stardom to become a teacher and a wife. During this time she also had a daughter, who, currently an adult, lives in the East.

Rhea Perlman and Blythe DannerShe enjoys a relaxed and laid back life playing bridge, golf, and talking with her close friends and mutual residents of the retirement community, Rona, Sally, and Georgina. Carol begins experimenting a little in the area of relationships as she endeavors to try speed-dating, where she has one or two interesting encounters. Lloyd is her pool cleaner and they become friends of sorts, and he later convinces her to go out for karaoke where her singing past shines forth with her performance of “Cry Me a River”. Lloyd is one of Carol’s primary romantic interests during the course of the film. The other, Bill, also enters the scene at a later point. Bill seems ideal, like the perfect match for Carol as well as the obvious choice—but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is where things will go. Bill is also a widow and retired. With white hair, a cigar, and cowboy mannerisms Bill is quite charming.

Sam ElliottThe real issue of I’ll See You In My Dreams is about those whose glory years are behind them who are now looking for new meaning in life. Even though Carol is healthy, financially stable, and still quite beautiful for her age, the question of mortality and fulfillment still arise. I’ll See You In My Dreams specifically appeals to those people who are rather in the same boat as Carol and her friends. Still, the movie gives the entire theme a light-hearted and gentle approach.

Sundance Films Rotten Tomatoes gives the film an audience rating of 71% and a critical response of 94%. Many viewers think that Blythe Danner does an exceptional job of portraying Carol. They say she clearly has fun with the role, enjoys her part, and that she shines through with her fullest and utmost potential. Reviews say that the film is humble, sweet, beautiful, and artfully made. Many who watched it found that the movie was both heartfelt and amusing in just the right doses. Some even go so far as to call the movie a “small miracle”. They describe the movie as being almost a genre all its own without following any of the typical cliches when it comes to such themes.

Sam Elliott and Blythe DannerOf course, as with anything, there are still those who disliked the film, criticizing the directing and even the acting. Some also say that the movie is somewhat unrealistic and deals with too many situations and aspect that are unlikely and difficult to believe at times. Others complain that the movie is boring and even depressing, although many critics even admit to there being at least a few laughs, even if they say it could have been a little more humorous. Whether or not you enjoy this movie might depend primarily on your unique tastes. This is not exactly your typical romance, so brace yourself at least in that regard. For more great entertainment, take a gander at these fabulous AT&T U-verse TV Packages right now.